Apple Crumble and Custard

Hugh Mullan's National Dish challenge recipe.


  • for bramley and yuzu foam/mousse
  • - 2 bronze gelatin leaves
  • - 4 bramley apples
  • - 1 bottle of yuzu juice
  • - 250g caster sugar
  • - 250ml liquid glucose
  • - 2 lemons
  • - 250ml double cream
  • for cannelloni style tube
  • - 250ml liquid glucose - 200g isomalt sugar
  • - 200g caster sugar
  • - water
  • for brown butter powder
  • - 1 block organic unsalted butter
  • - 500g tapioca maltodextrin
  • for candied jumbo oats and hazelnuts
  • - 100g shelled/blanched hazelnuts
  • - 200g caster sugar
  • - 200g jumbo organic irish oat flakes
  • for oatmeal ice cream
  • - 500ml organic full fat milk
  • - 500ml organic double cream
  • - 12 free medium range eggs
  • - 100g skimmed milk powder
  • - 50ml liquid glucose
  • - 250g organic irish oats
  • for freeze dried blackberries with blackberry jelly
  • - 500g fresh blackberries
  • for granny smith sorbet
  • - 750g granny smith apples
  • - 2 bronze gelatin leaves
  • - 25ml liquid glucose
  • - 200g caster sugar
  • - vitamin c powder
  • for calvados and spice sauce
  • - 50ml calvados
  • - 50g caster sugar
  • - 50g organic unsalted butter
  • - 4 whole cloves, 2 star anise and one cinnamon stick
  • for caramelized braeburn apple balls
  • - 50g organic unsalted butter
  • - 100ml high quality maple syrup
  • for vanilla custard spheres
  • - 6 medium organic eggs
  • - 2 vanilla pods
  • - 250ml organic double cream
  • - 250ml organic full fat milk
  • - 100g caster sugar
  • - 500g calcium lactate
  • - 500g sodium alginate
  • - 2ltr distilled water


  1. for Bramley and Yuzu foam mousse:
  2. - Cook the chopped apple with yuzu juice, sugar and some lemon juice until puree consistency
  3. - Scald the cream and set aside
  4. - Add the puree, cream and soaked gelatin the a pan and heat until gelatin is incorporated.
  5. - Allow to cool.
  6. - Whip the cream and incorporate the puree and pour into ISI whipper, charge and shake regularly to incorporate. Keep cool until ready to serve.
  7. for cannelloni style tube:
  8. - Heat all the ingredients in a pan and cook for a few minutes till correct caramel colour
  9. - Pour onto a baking sheet and allow to cool.
  10. - Blitz into a powder. Sieve onto a baking sheet a fine layer and bake in the over for a few minutes.
  11. - Remove and while still warm, cut into strip and form around the wooden dowels. Allow the tubes to cool and store ready to pipe the foam into
  12. for Brown butter powder:
  13. - Cook butter in a pan till to brown stage (removing impurities as you go)
  14. - Incorporate into the Tapioca Maltodextrin with a whisk until evenly incorporated
  15. - Leave until ready to serve
  16. for Candied jumbo oats and hazelnuts:
  17. - Chop hazel nuts roughly and place with oats onto baking sheet, sprinkle with sugar and bake until light golden, Allow to cool.
  18. for Oatmeal ice cream:
  19. - lightly toast the oatmeal in the oven
  20. - scald cream, milk milk powder and oatmeal and leave to infuse
  21. - whisk egg yolks, and sugar and incorporate the cream mix slowly
  22. - put back on pan and cook to correct consistency
  23. - chill over ice to stop cooking
  24. - prepare a vessel of liquid nitrogen and food mixer, placing the cooled custard mix into mixer, add the liquid nitrogen carefully and beat in the mixer until correct consistency achieved. Reserve in the freezer until ready to serve.
  25. for Freeze dried blackberries with blackberry jelly:
  26. - for the jelly, puree the blackberries and pass through a fine sieve
  27. - add the puree to the sugar, water, liquer and agar and boil for a couple of minutes
  28. - Pour into container and allow to cool/set.
  29. - for the freeze dried balckberries prepare a vessel with liquid nitrogen and drop the fresh blackerries into the mix and stir for 2-3 minutes, remove and crush gently with pestle and mortar
  30. - Keep cold ready to serve
  31. for Granny Smith Sorbet:
  32. - chop the apples and a small amount of vitamin c powder and blend until smooth
  33. - Pass through a fine sieve
  34. - Heat sugar glucose and some water to make syrup
  35. - Soak gelatin in water for a few minutes
  36. -Add the apple puree and gelatin to the syrup and cook gently to incorporate the puree
  37. - Cool over ice then churn in ice cream machine, store until ready.
  38. for Calvados and spice sauce:
  39. - cook the sugar with some water to golden caramel stage, ten add the calvados, then the butter and spices
  40. - Cook to thick sauce consistency, set aside and keep warm.
  41. for Caramelized braeburn apple balls:
  42. - Use the melon baller to cut out apple flesh
  43. - Place the syrup in a hot pan for a few minutes then add the apple and butter, cook to glaze then set aside
  44. - - Use the blow torch to put a crust on the balls.
  45. for Vanilla Custard spheres:
  46. - scald cream, milk and vanilla pod and leave to cool slightly
  47. - whisk egg yolks, vanilla seeds and sugar and incorporate the cream mix slowly
  48. - put back on pan and cook to correct consistency
  49. - Mix in the calcium lactate and incorporate, then set aside
  50. - For alginate bath mix the sodium alginate and distilled water with immersion blender and leave to settle in refridgerator
  51. - Prepare 2 bowls of water (one cold and one hot)
  52. - Use the spoon to place spheres of custard into the alignate bath stir gently until skin has formed, remove into cold water to ‘clean‘ then move into hot water.
  53. PLATING:
  54. - The butter powder will form the base of the dish, then a sprinkling of the oat and hazelnut. The mousse filled tube(1) will be the centerpiece and the ice cream and sorbet will be placed on either side of the tube. The caramelised apple balls(3) will be placed randomly in the arrangement. Dots of the syrup will arranged on the dish. The blackberry pearls will be scattered in top of the plating arrangement and on top of that some small sprigs of the basil.

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