Beef heart rib eye with potato gratin and shallot purée, watercress salad with a mustard and red wine jus

Hugh Mullan's key ingredient recipe from Heat 2 of MasterChef 2014


  • pan fried rib eye of beef
  • pan fried beef heart
  • shallot puree (shallots x 3) 200ml cream
  • dressed salad of watercress (oil, vinegar, salt)
  • mustard cream (double cream, mustard, season)
  • red wine jus (red wine, shallot, thyme)
  • gratin of potato (potatoes, cream)


  1. Rib – Eye:
  2. Pan fry off heat for 4-6 minutes. Finish in oven.
  3. Remove and rest
  4. Heart:
  5. Season + coat with flour, pan fry with butter +serve
  6. Shallot:
  7. Roast in tinfoil for 1 hour. Remove skins + cook in cream until soft, blend + pass through sieve
  8. Watercress:
  9. Dress in vinaigrette at last minute
  10. Mustard Cream:
  11. Bring cream to boil. Add mustard + reduce.
  12. Add seasoning
  13. Red wine Jus:
  14. Fry shallots, garlic + thyme to soften
  15. Add red wine. Reduce by 2/3, add stock and reduce to sauce consistency
  16. Gratin:
  17. Peel + slice potatoes finely using mandolin
  18. Poach in milk until nearly soft
  19. Remove in a separate pan
  20. Reduce some cream, garlic, bay leaf, layer cooked potato + reduced cream in gratin dish and cook at 180° for 1 hour.
  21. Remove + rest

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