Rib Eye with Triple Cooked Chips, Baby Beetroot and Béarnaise Sauce

Charlie Day's recipe from Heat 1 of MasterChef 2014


  • for the steak:
  • 12 oz best quality rib eye steak at room temp, at least 1.5 inches thick
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • sea salt
  • black pepper
  • butter
  • rosemary stalk
  • for the chips:
  • 4 large maris piper or kerr’s pinks potatoes
  • for the beetroot:
  • 20 baby beetroot, including stalks, mix of red and golden if possible
  • butter
  • rosemary stalks
  • for the béarnaise:
  • 4 tblsp dry white wine
  • 4 tblsp tarragon vinegar
  • 1 tblsp finely chopped shallot
  • white pepper
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 8 oz unsalted butter
  • fresh tarragon
  • for garnish:
  • watercress


  1. For the beetroot:
  2. Cut off stalks (set aside) and place in roasting tray with rosemary, salt, pepper, butter and oil.
  3. Cover and roast at 180oC for 45 minutes.
  4. Peel and set aside. Use plastic gloves if necessary when peeling to avoid a mess from the colouring/ dye of the beetroot.
  5. At last minute chop stalks and sauté for 1 minute, then add the beets.
  6. For the Chips:
  7. Peel and cut potatoes into chunky chips, simmer in salted water until cooked. Move to wire rack to dry fully.
  8. Set fryer to 160oC and fry until sealed but not coloured. Allow to dry again and set fryer to 180oC. At last minute cook for the 3rd time to go golden. Season
  9. For the Béarnaise:
  10. Put first 4 ingredients into a small saucepan and reduce until nearly dry. Meanwhile melt 6 oz butter.
  11. Add a tsp of water and 3 egg yolks and whisk over a low heat until eggs thicken slightly. Add 1 oz cold butter and whisk until incorporated and repeat.
  12. Slowly pour melted butter into sauce over low heat and whisk until it is all absorbed.
  13. Remove from heat and stir in chopped tarragon, season.
  14. Leave in jug in saucepan of hot water to hold.
  15. For the Steak:
  16. Rub steak with garlic and olive oil.
  17. Heat griddle.
  18. Fry steak and season upper side. Depending on the size of the steak, cook on each side for approx.3minutes. Looking for a medium rare finish.
  19. Turn only once.
  20. Add knob of butter and rosemary and baste.
  21. Allow to rest on wire rack in a warm place.
  22. For plating:
  23. On a large wooden board place one element in each quadrant; the chips, the beetroot, the pot of sauce and the steak.
  24. Top steak with sea salt and sprig of watercress and serve.

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