Sports presenter Tracy Piggott began the latest celebrity to hang up her apron on last night's Celebrity MasterChef

Sports presenter Tracy Piggott began the latest celebrity to hang up her apron on last night's Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN after her departure from the show Piggott said “I really did enjoy. I was really amazed that I got to the halfway point and I was really proud of myself, but I really do wish I could have stayed a bit longer.”

She also went on to tip news presenter Aengus Mac Grianna to win the show saying “Aengus, I am sure Aengus is going to win it! Absolutely and I have thought that from day one. I thought his dessert was amazing. It was just beautiful looking and I am just so fond of him. We had some laughs and aside from that, his presentation, the way he is organised around his pod and his whole approach, I walked out of the kitchen thinking, yeah; he is going to win it!”

Last night the contestants were given a dessert masterclass by world renowned pastry chef Claire Clark in episode 3 who tasked them with recreating her retro summer trifle. All the remaining six contestants were praised for the efforts with Maia Dunphy and Yvonne Keating receiving particular mention.

Judges Nick Munier and Dylan McGrath then asked the contestants to take what they had learned from Claire and take a trip down memory lane to create a dessert from their childhood that holds fond memories for them.

Athlete David Gillick was singled out for his effort for the flavour while Maia Dunphy was again praised for her presentation.

The judges felt that Tracy was not as progressing as quickly as the other contestants having failed to find second gear while plating up her offering of Roquefort and Honey Ice cream and it was decided that she would be the latest contestant sent home.

Still remaining in the competition are RTÉ Newscaster, Aengus Mac Grianna; model, TV presenter and Columnist Yvonne Keating; Olympic Athlete David Gillick, Writer and Producer Maia Dunphy and Irish Times Consumer Affairs Correspondent Conor Pope.

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