Tonight the contestants cook for the judges for the final time.

The three finalists – Terry, Nicha and Tamarin – must cook three coures in three hours to win the title.

Terry’s menu
Pan fried scallops with tomato consommé and garden herb slad cannelloni dressed with cavier.

Quail Wellington with herb-crusted quail legs, carrot and cumin purée, broadbeans, crisp pancetta and a Madeira and truffle jus.

Vanilla Panna cotta, raspberries, balsamic reduction with honeycomb crisps.

Nicha’s menu
Stained- glass open ravioli, langoustine lemongrass and chervil velouté, Parmesan and truffle crisp.

Tea smoked duck breast with foie gras, baby beetroots, French beans, saffron potatoes, dressed with walnuts.

Chocolate hazelnut parfait, orange tapioca, lychee and rose water sorbet.

Tamarin’s Menu
Barbequed sweetcorn, corn purée, corn custard dressed with popcorn infused with saffron butter.

Poached cod cheeks with salt-baked potatoes, browned butter and garlic berries.

Goats milk ice cream, praline crumble, poached rhubarb, phubarb jelly, vanilla oil and celery shavings.

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