Bord Bia have provided some helpful tips on the different cuts of bacon.

When we think of bacon, we usually think of breakfast .a  traditional fry wouldn’t be the same without some tasty rashers! But there is much more to bacon than your rasher sandwich. Bacon is a great meat for lunches and dinners too.

This is the traditional cut for ‘bacon and cabbage’, but it is also ideal for a wide range of other dishes. Cut into chunks, it makes delicious casseroles – cooked with soaked dried beans, lots of garlic, ginger and root vegetables or cut into finger pieces for great pasta dishes.

This is most often used for back rashers, but it is also a very good joint with no waste. Chops are another option and are delicious coated with mustard, brown sugar and served with warm pineapple.

This is the most flavoursome cut, from crispy rashers to warm salads, or for a perfect sandwich try crispy streaky rashers, sliced avocado and tomato in a baguette drizzled with olive oil – delicious

Sold as a whole ham or cut into individual joints. Simmer gently for 15 minutes per half kilo, then remove the rind, score the fat, coat with honey and mustard and glaze in a hot oven. Retain the cooking liquid for excellent soups and stocks. Individual gammon steaks can be stuffed with dried fruit and baked in cider in the oven.

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You will find the Bord Bia Quality Mark on pre-packaged beef, chicken, duck, lamb, turkey, pork (including bacon, cooked ham, rashers and sausages) fruit, vegetables and eggs.

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