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Yvonne Keating

Yvonne Keating

Raised in Straffan Co Kildare, Yvonne was an avid sports fan from a young age and was a competitive horsewoman. She attended a Dublin boarding school. After being spotted by a modelling agent she became one of the most successful models in Ireland gracing the cover of almost every Irish publication. Yvonne appeared in over ten TV commercials at the time, in the UK and Ireland. Yvonne writes for VIP Magazine where her column includes style and beauty along with a short insight into her world. In her early twenties and in the prime of her modelling career Yvonne met Ronan Keating. They were married and had three children, Jack, Missy and Ali. Together they travelled the globe raising the children while Yvonne ran their daily routine and also businesses they were involved in. She has just finished project managing the build and the interior design of her family home and now feels she is ready to start pursuing her passion for TV and Media once more.

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