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Maia Dunphy

Maia Dunphy

Maia Dunphy has worked as an entertainment writer and producer for over 10 years, mainly writing for comedy shows and characters such as Dustin the Turkey, Podge & Rodge, Zig & Zag and Katherine Lynch, as well as the IFTA winning Bronx Bunny Show. Maia also wrote the spoof autobiography of Mr Tayto. Maia’s weekly columns in the Herald and Dubliner magazine led to the start of a front of camera career with her first documentary From Boom to Maternity in 2012. She subsequently became a regular face and voice on several shows including The Craig Doyle Show, the Tubridy radio show and the Today show. Her popular slot on Tubridy 2FM led to her filling in for Colm Hayes on 2FM over Easter 2013. Her second documentary Merlot & Me, about the rise of women drinking at home, aired in January 2013 and was the highest rating of the 2013 Reality Bites series. She married comedian Johnny Vegas in 2011.

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