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Gary Cooke

Gary Cooke

Gary Cooke is a writer and actor, best known for being one- third of Après Match on RTÉ on which he portrays Eamon Dunphy. As a comic actor, Gary starred as Dunphia the wood nymph (Eamon Dunphy) and Fergie the Hair Dryer God (Alex Ferguson) in the musical comedy I, Keano He also appeared in a leading role in Paul Howard’s hit Ross O’Carroll Kelly comedy. Between Foxrock and a Hard Place at the Gaiety Theatre Dublin and in The Government Inspector in a new adaptation by Roddy Doyle the Abbey Theatre. He also appeared as one of the judges, Vernon Fentor, on the ITV/TV3 drama Rock Rivals, a series following the lives of two celebrity judges on an X Factor style show as their marriage falls apart. Gary co-wrote, with Malachy McKenna, and starred in the musical MacBecks at the Olympia Theatre. Most recently Gary co- wrote and starred in TV3 comedy, On the Couch and a s a writer and performer in Irish Pictorial Weekly.

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