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Conor Pope

Conor Pope

Conor Pope is The Irish Times Consumer Affairs Correspondent and edits the Pricewatch page which appears in the paper every Monday. Part of his brief sees him trying – and sometimes succeeding – in helping readers who feel they have been wronged by businesses and service providers. He also regularly gives out about rip-offs and reviews all manner of products from high end smart phones to bargain basement baked beans. He has weekly radio slots on both the Ray D'arcy Show on Today FM and the George Hook Show on Newstalk where he serves as consumer agony uncle and money saving expert respectively. He has also written a best selling money saving book called – helpfully – Stop Wasting Your Money – and presented a television programme on RTÉ called Living Lightly which helped people to live lightly (or at least cheaply). Before draping himself in his consumer champion’s cloak he was the deputy editor of The Irish Times website

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