Homemade French Chocolate Truffles

From: The Afternoon Show

These decadent truffles are the ideal dinner party treat.

Petit Fours – Bitter Chocolate Truffles

From: Four Live

You don't have to use only a tart base for the mix; you could use a sponge.

Siúcra chocolate truffles

Perfect as an after-dinner treat or as an edible gift for a loved one this Christmas or Valentine's Day!

Eat Your Heart Out Cake

A yes for all chocoholics! The yogurt gives the cake a fudgy soft texture which just makes it melt in your mouth!

Love Heart Jammy Dodgers

A lovely treat for that special person in your life!

Siúcra shortbread hearts

Struggling to come up with an original idea for your Valentine? Melt the heart of your loved one with Siúcra’s delicious Shortbread Hearts.

Bouquet of Cupcakes

Looking for the perfect edible gift this Valentine's Day? Look no further...

Devilish Chocolate Cake

A delicious chocolate cake to show your affection this Valentine's Day


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