Oat, Maple and Hazelnut Cookies

From: The Afternoon Show

A crunchy and crumbly treat!

Strawberry Smoothies

So quick to make you'll make them twice!

Strawberry Sundae

A quick treat!

Blue Ribbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

From: The Afternoon Show

A rich pecan pie enhanced with delicious chocolate chips.

Spiced Sweet Potato and Chickpea Stew

From: The Afternoon Show

A tasty gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and vegan receipe.

Macaroni and cheese with chunky vegetables and seasoned crumbs

From: The Afternoon Show

The mains in a €10 budget challenge to feed four with a two course meal!

Caesar Salad

From: The Restaurant

One of Mary Wilson's starters on the RTÉ One series 'The Restaurant'.

Rum and Pecan sauce

From: The Afternoon Show

This is perfect with pumpkin pie.


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