Irish Potato Cakes

Make a simple and quick meal.

Mushroom Sauce

A tasty, creamy sauce.

Carbonade Flamande

Why not try and make a delicious beef stew?

Smoked Cheese, Apple, Chicory and Watercress Salad

A tasty and delicious crunchy salad which brings together the full flavours of apple, chicory, watercress and smoked apple.

French Toast

A easy and satisfying breakfast.

Strawberry Sorbet with Kiwi Fruit

A light and tangy dessert.

Chocolate Decorations

Here are some ideas for decorating desserts.

Queen's Pudding with Apricot sauce

A delicious pudding with a fruity sauce.

Sorrel puree

Make a simple puree which is a perfect accompaniment to fish dishes.

Beef Braised with Guinness

A rich and mellow dish given extra flavour with a dash of Guinness.


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