Grilled Perch with Oregano

Make a tasty, herbed Perch

Breast of Chicken with Emmenthal, en Papillote

A tasty chicken and cheese fusion.

Fish Stock

Make a simple and tasty fish stock.

John Dory in Cider and Cream

A delicious and simple recipe awash with cider and cream.

Quick Pizza Dough

Make a pizza dough in a hurry.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Make this hearty Italian dish

Smoked Cheese, Apple, Chicory and Watercress Salad

A tasty and delicious crunchy salad which brings together the full flavours of apple, chicory, watercress and smoked apple.

Cassoulet Gascogne

Make a rich, slow-cooked bean casserole.

Irish Stew

A traditional and tasty Irish stew.

Chicken stock

Make a chicken stock to be used as a base for many meals.


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