Custard Base for Ice Cream

Make a delicious custard base for ice cream.

Boiled Eggs

Delicious as part of a salad or on toast.

Cheddar Cheese and Red Wine Dip

An easy and tasty dip, which is simple to prepare.

Jam Funny-Faces

Fun tasty biscuits.

Fried Herrings in Oatflakes

A really easy and quick fish dish that you will have prepared in under 10 minutes.

Quick Pizza Dough

Make a pizza dough in a hurry.

Breakfast Waffles

A delicious breakfast treat.

Pancake Chips

A way to use left over pancakes.

Crepes Napolitaine

An excellent dessert for special occasions.

Smoked Salmon and Lumpfish Roe Pasta

Make a simple and quick fish dish.


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