Carpaccio Salad with Chicken Breast

Make a delicious and light Italian salad

Dill Mayonnaise

Make a simple accompaniment to fish dishes.

Grilled Perch with Oregano

Make a tasty, herbed Perch

Bacon and Mushroom Rolls

Make bacon and mushroom rolls, a delicious party food.

Irish Stew

A traditional and tasty Irish stew.

Chocolate Sauce

The perfect accompaniment to numerous desserts.

Cream Cheese and Chopped Olive Canapés

A quick and easy snack that is simple to prepare and perfect to offer to serve up to dinner party guests.

Ham, Feta and Spinach Vol-Au-Vent

Delicious hot or cold for lunch.

Basic Brown Sauce - ‘sauce espagnole’

A versatile and easy sauce.

Big Bread Sandwich

A delicious layered sandwich complete with a range of cheeses from Edam to Cheddar and Mozzarella.


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