Crepes Napolitaine

An excellent dessert for special occasions.

Crème Fraiche with Spring Onions and Chives

Add more flavour to simple crème fraiche.

Carrot and Orange Soup

Make a delicious carrot soup.

Spanish Paella

A classic Spanish dish.

Irish Stew

A traditional and tasty Irish stew.

Irish Leek, Potato and Oatmeal Soup

Make a hearty, comforting soup.

Lemon-Herb Marinade

A simple way to add flavour to meat or fish dishes.

Jane's Fruit Crunchies

Delicious crunchy treats.

Fruit and Nut Museli

Make your own healthy muesli.

Smoked Mackerel Pots

A wonderful dish to eat with crusty bread and that will make for a tasty lunch.


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