Mixed Grill

A hearty and indulgent breakfast perfect to kick-start a lazy weekend.

Ricotta, Lemon Thyme and Garlic Butter

Make a delicious ricotta butter.

Irish Soda Bread

A quick delicious bread.

Beef Braised with Guinness

A rich and mellow dish given extra flavour with a dash of Guinness.

Cheesecake on a Chocolate Base

A tasty chocolate cheesecake.

Pancake Batter

A simple batter to make delicious pancakes.

Grilled Cod Fillets with Lemon Sauce

A simple, satisfying and hearty meal, with a little zest.

Strawberry Sorbet with Kiwi Fruit

A light and tangy dessert.

Focaccia Bread with Saffron

A delicious bread.

Basic Tomato Sauce

Make a basic tomato sauce which can be used in many dishes.


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