Irish Leek, Potato and Oatmeal Soup

Make a hearty, comforting soup.

Irish Soda Bread

A quick delicious bread.

Pâté en Croute

A delicious combination of pâté cooked with pastry.

Cocktail Sausages with French Mustard in a ‘Porcupine’ Loaf

These delicious cocktail sausages are an easy and quick party food.

Marshmallow Kebabs

A delicious melted treat.

Basic Biscuits

Make simple biscuits.


Make the traditional Italian folded pizza with chopped parma ham.

French Dressing

A simple vinaigrette.

Crab Canapés

Absolutely delicious canapés.

Salade Lyonnaise

Make a hot bacon and egg salad, the delicious French classic.


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