Fennel and Turkey Salad

Make a turkey salad with an unusual twist.

Crab and Prawn Coconut Soup

A delightfully rich and flavoursome soup for romance and indulgence.

Trout and Bacon

A quick and tasty trout casserole perfect for all the family.

Cocktail Sausages with French Mustard in a ‘Porcupine’ Loaf

These delicious cocktail sausages are an easy and quick party food.

Woodfired Prawns

A tasty prawn dish

Grilled Brill (or Turbot) with Crab Sauce

Make a simple fishy delight complete with a tasty crab sauce.

Breakfast Gratin

A tasty start to the day.

Mexican Eggs

A great combination of eggs and vegetables.

Cornish Saffron Bread

A traditional Cornish bread.

Cream Sauce

A simple cream sauce.


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