French Chocolate Cake

From: Today

A delicious French chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing.

Clodagh's carrot cake muffins

From: Today

Light and delicious, these carrot cake muffins are one of Clodagh McKenna's most popular treats.

Ali Honour's ultimate rebel burger

From: Today

The world is your lobster when it comes to making your own burgers! You can really put your own stamp on them with what ever toppings you want and even different flavourings in the mince mixture e.g. a chilli burger, stuffed with cheese, pesto etc even try minced pork,lamb or turkey.

Haddock with Walnut and Herb Crust

From: Today

Fish and nuts make a classic combination. Here the walnuts add a lovely crunchy texture to the crust.

Caramel pain perdu

From: Today

Pain perdu directly translated means 'lost bread'. Pain perdu is just like French toast. Dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and then fried in butter but instead of being served for breakfast it makes an amazing dessert. What a great way to give reclaim some stale bread. For me it is one of my favourite sweet treats. So simple but so tasty. When you try it you will never think you are simply just eating bread and ice cream. But believe me..its good! Sweet, moist but with a crunchy caramel coating.

Beef Stew Wellington with Parsnip Purée and Spinach

From: Today

Impress the guests - and yourself.

Russian Teacakes

From: Today

Make sure all ingredients are room temperature.


From: Today

This delicious mincemeat will keep happily in a cool dark place for at least a year. If you are preparing your own suet (the fat that surrounds the beef kidney), make sure that every trace of blood has been removed before you whiz it in the food processor, otherwise it will cause the mincemeat to go off.

Brian’s Winter Warmer Flu Fighting Soup

From: Today

Check out this great recipe from No Salt Chef Brian McDermott


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