Vegetable Stock

Make a vegetable stock for soup.

Carrot and Orange Soup

Make a delicious carrot soup.

Tomato Soup

Make a delicious tomato soup.

French Onion Soup

Make a simple French onion soup.

Perfect Croutons

Make the perfect croutons to serve with soup.

Carrot and Orange Soup

Enjoys a tasty carrot and orange starter.

Lettuce And Carrot Soup

From: The Afternoon Show

A deliciously textured soup.

Asian Wonton Soup

From: MasterChef Ireland

A delicious asian soup with prawn wontons.

Nettle Soup

From: The Restaurant

Michael Healy-Rae serves up some healty nettle soup.

Garlic soup with grapes (original gazpacho)

From: The Afternoon Show

An old-school way of preparing a cold soup, perfect for a hot summer day.


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