Hearty autumn vegetable soup with chorizo

From: Corrigan Knows Food

Keep out the chills with a bowl of this tasty soup.

Roast Red Pepper Soup, With Chorizo & White Beans

From: The Afternoon Show

A hearty soup to keep hunger at bay.

French Onion Soup

From: Trish's Paris Kitchen

This soup, originally from Lyon, is as tasty as it is revitalising.

Sweet Pea And Mint Soup

From: The Afternoon Show

A nice change from your usual soups.

Kitchen Garden Vegetable Stock

From: The Afternoon Show

Marinate this vegetable stock for 24 hours for an intense flavour.

Thyme Infused Chicken Stock

From: The Afternoon Show

This stock will infuse your cooking with a delicious flavour.


From: The Afternoon Show

This chilled Spanish soup is great for those hot summer's days!

Vegetable, pasta and tomato soup

From: The Afternoon Show

The starter in a €10 budget challenge to feed four with a two course meal!

Tomato and Poitin Soup

From: Guerrilla Gourmet

This is one of my favourite ‘empty larder’ recipes that requires little preparation and is quickly cooked.


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