Very fast red prawn curry

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

You will be tucking into this fragrant and spicy curry within minutes, it's that quick!

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

From: Rachel Allen's Dinner Parties

The exquisite combination of salt, chocolate and caramel has risen to the height of pastry fashion in the past few years.

JR's Rose Water Marshmallows

From: Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

These marshmallows will keep for up to a week.

Smoked Mackerel and Goat's Cheese Soufflé

From: Rachel Allen's Dinner Parties

Cheese soufflé is a classic and not nearly as scary a dinner party prospect as you might imagine. This version, with goat's cheese and smoked mackerel, is a fantastic variation on the theme.

Lemon Cupcakes

From: Rachel Allen: Bake!

Rachel suggests that these zesty little treats are ideal with an afternoon cup of tea.

Chickpea and Aubergine Salad

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

A healthy vegetarian salad, perfect as a starter for your Middle Eastern meal

Mincemeat muffins with eggnog icing

From: Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries

A festive favourite from Rachel Allen's recent Cake Diaries series

Vanilla Melting Moments

From: Rachel's Favourite Food For Living

These light, crumbly little biscuits literally do melt in your mouth and are absolutely divine.

Yoghurt, Apricot and Pistachio Pots

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

The pistachio adds a nutty bite to the sweet yoghurt and apricot


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