Huevos rancheros

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

A spicy, one pot wonder from Rachel Allen.

Lamb, Bean, Olive and Feta Salad

From: Rachel Allen Home Cooking

I created this salad one day with some leftover lamb. It has delicious Greek flavours and works so well with the redcurrant jelly in the dressing.

Potato, Smoked Salmon and Dill Tart

From: Rachel Allen's Everyday Kitchen

A light and refreshing tart from Rachel Allen's Everyday Kitchen

White Chocolate and Ginger Parfait with Dark Chocolate Sauce

From: Rachel Allen's Dinner Parties

This dessert from Rachel Allen is perfect for entertaining as it can be made in up to two weeks in advance.


From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

A zingy, sweet and hot fish dish

Easy Arancini with Crème Fraîche Herb Sauce

From: Rachel Allen's Everyday Kitchen

Rachel Allen shares her recipe for this delicious dish

Pistachio Cake

From: Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries

A simple recipe for a cake that surely has a kick

Brown scones with treacle and sesame seeds

From: Rachel Allen: Easy Meals

An innovative tweak on the traditional and hearty brown scone! You may need a second batch...

Chocolate Mousse, salted caramel sauce, shortbread biscuits

From: Today

A simple chocolate mouse is one of the easiest desserts to make and no less impressive because of it. The intense chocolate flavour is often enough, but I like to enhance it with a little orange or brandy. You could serve the mousse on its own, with a little cream or for a true celebration of flavour with this salted caramel sauce. I’ll be forever grateful to the French genius who first put salt in caramel. The ultimate expression of salty and sweet. This sauce works brilliantly with the chocolate mousse but as you can imagine it is just as happy drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

White chocolate anniversary cake

From: Rachel Allen's Cake Diaries

A lovely recipe if you have a special occasion or someone who deserves a little indulgence


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