Main Course: Turbot

From: MasterChef Ireland

The recipe for one of the main courses at the Cliff House challenge

Seabass Served with Spiced Rice

From: MasterChef Ireland

A simply prepared dish that tastes great.

Prawn Soup

From: MasterChef Ireland

Fish challenge

Balinese Spiced Chicken with Spinach/Coconut Sauce

From: MasterChef Ireland

Served with pilau rice and seroendeng.

Tuscan Inspired Monkfish

From: MasterChef Ireland

Roast Monkfish wrapped in a basil and sundried tomato tapenade, with a spring onion and basil mash, chargrilled Asparagus, served with tomato, basil and black olive reduction sauce

Sticky Asian Salad

From: MasterChef Ireland

Stir fried pork and a tasty salad.

Smoked lobster with smoked oyster beignet

From: MasterChef Ireland

Served with white asparagus wrapped in basil, lychee, horseradish and white asparagus broth

Clogherhead Crab Salad

From: MasterChef Ireland

David Gillick & Yvonne Keating prepare Clogherhead crab salad with micro beans, basil oil and soda bread toasts on Celebrity MasterChef Ireland.


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