From: Four Live

A tasty treat for party-time!

Chocolate Roulade

From: The Afternoon Show

A delicious roulade which is perfect for Christmas

Vanilla Pasta with Hazelnut Filling and Chocolate Sauce

From: The Afternoon Show

Turn savoury on its head with this sweet treat

Cheat’s Mixed Berry Ice Cream

From: The Afternoon Show

A gorgeous dessert in under a minute!

Peaches Roasted In Honey & Crème Patisserie

From: The Afternoon Show

Try these French pastry treats.

Lattice Deep Dish Fruit Pie

From: The Afternoon Show

A hearty pie that can be enjoyed hot or cold!

Savoury Crepes Filled with Chinese Style Pork

From: The Afternoon Show

A delicious starter or main, perfect for adding a little oriental flavour to a meal.

Almond and Chocolate Hungarian Torte

From: Today

To add another flavour to the Brown Sugar Custard Buttercream, whip in 50ml Baileys or rum.

Frankenstein’s Brain Slime Punch

From: The Afternoon Show

A combination of lemon jelly and fruit juices make this a delicious Halloween treat!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

From: The Afternoon Show

Cold mornings, dark evenings, and grey skies... if ever there was a time for hot puddings, it’s winter!


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