Any-time of the Year Orange Marmalade

From: The Afternoon Show

An easy to follow recipe for a tasty marmalade

Christmas Chocolate Ganache Cake

From: Four Live

Louise Lennox is getting into the festive spirit and making a rich chocolate ganache cake that is perfect for a luxurious grown up Christmas treat!

Hazelnut Biscuits

From: The Afternoon Show

Go on, give them a go.

Diabetic/Coeliac-Friendly Rhubarb Brulee Tart

From: The Afternoon Show

A delectable dessert for special diets: coeliac and diabetic.

Chocolate Truffle Cream Cake

Custody battles for the last slice guaranteed.

Boston Globe Indian Pudding

From: The Afternoon Show

This pudding is very popular in America and they call it Indian because of the many spices that are included. It is also nick named ginger pudding because it gives an aroma of ginger.

Cinnamon and ginger biscuits

From: The Afternoon Show

A sweet treat everyone will enjoy, served with strawberry jelly and mango mousse

Filled Apricot Chiffon Cake

From: The Afternoon Show

A tasty cake is suitable for diabetics.

Madeira Fruit Cake

From: The Afternoon Show

With Christmas fast approaching why not try a delicious and quick alternative to the traditional Christmas cake

Deep Dish Apple Pie

From: The Afternoon Show

A delightful apple pie best eaten warm!


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