Honey Roasted Fruit Salad

From: The Afternoon Show

A fruity delight to have as a dessert or light snack.

Almond and Chocolate Hungarian Torte

From: Today

To add another flavour to the Brown Sugar Custard Buttercream, whip in 50ml Baileys or rum.

Cake Pops

From: Four Live

Try this fun recipe for Halloween or Easter treats by Louise Lennox.

Yoghurt and Oat Muffins

From: The Afternoon Show

A very healthy treat.

Puff Pastry Master Class

From: The Afternoon Show

Here's how to make your very own pastry from scratch.


From: Four Live

A tasty treat for party-time!

Christmas Cake

From: The Afternoon Show

With its rich fruit and the plentiful addition of alcohol, the Christmas cake has an important place at the table in any traditional Irish Christmas.

Hazelnut Biscuits

From: The Afternoon Show

Go on, give them a go.

Louise Lennox's Christmas Cake 2009

From: The Afternoon Show

Double check that you have everything you need before you start making the cake!

Belgian Chocolate and Baileys Pots

From: The Afternoon Show

Try your hand at this fabulous dessert.


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