Quinoa Salad

Special thanks to chef Stephen Taylor Winter for this recipe!

Beetroot Quinoa Salad

Perfect as a starter or for lunch.


A delicious and nutritious snack, perfect with carrot sticks, celery or toasted pitta bread.

M&S Middle Eastern Lamb with Feta Salad

A delicious lamb and feta dish that's easy to make and worth the wait

Pasta Salad with Chorizo and Blue Cheese

This is a rich pasta salad, bursting with flavour. Full of nutrients and packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer! (Can be a gluten-free recipe if made with Leaves' Pasta With Benefits.)

Summer Fruit and Yogurt Ice Pops

The weather may not be scorching, but these kid-friendly ice pops will still go down a treat in your house this summer.

Marinated Chicken Sandwich with Aioili and Baby Leaves

This sandwich oozes flavour with the combination of rosemary, lemon, thyme and garlic - simply delightful! For more information and recipes visit www.keoghs.ie or www.naomiskitchen.ie.

Crisp Sandwich

Keogh’s Farm has teamed up with award-winning caterers Naomi’s Kitchen to create a range of perfect picnic sandwiches.The iconic crisp sandwich is a firm favourite! A combination of Irish brie, red onion jam for sweetness and crisps all on some wholesome brown granary bread. Sure, it doesn't get much better than that! For more information and recipes visit www.naomiskitchen.ie. or www.keoghs.ie.

Roast Beef, Horseradish Cream and Rocket Sandwich

Add this homemade cream to a few slices of hearty roast beef and some peppery rocket on brown granary bread for an amazing picnic sandwich. For more information and recipes visit www.naomiskitchen.ie or www.keoghs.ie.

The Perfect Potato Salad

Keogh's farm have teamed up with caterers Naomi's Kitchen to create the ultimate potato salad: baby potatoes roasted in balsamic vinegar, with fresh rosemary and garlic. You can't have a picnic without it! For more information and recipes visit www.keoghs.ie or www.naomiskitchen.ie.


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