Cherry Tomato Tarte Tatin

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

Kevin Dundon's take on a classic French dish

Poached Pears

From: The Afternoon Show

The pears improve with keeping, so make these early for your dinner parties!

Butternut Squash Soup with Parsley Puree

From: The Afternoon Show

This soup is especially appetizing and comforting on a cold day!

Honey Glazed Carrots

From: The Afternoon Show

This take on Vichy style carrots is sure to prove a hit if served as part of any Christmas or Winter themed dinner.

African Beef Salad with Biltong

From: The Afternoon Show

A tasty salad with cured meat.

Roasted quail with chorizo, red onion and cranberry jelly

From: The Afternoon Show

This makes a fantastic started option for the festive season.

Spicy Baked Chicken Thighs with Curried Tomato & Vegetable Broth

From: Four Live

A spicy treat that's perfect for parties.

Roast Duck with an Orange and Hoisin Glaze and a Cranberry and Pumpkin Sausage Stuffing

From: Four Live

Duck is something that people love to cook and often wonder how. For people who are having 'Christmas for Two' this year, this recipe would be ideal.

Kevin's Open-Faced BBQ Lamb Burger

From: The Afternoon Show

As the weather gets better so does our need to get out of the kitchen and into the garden. Kevin has some great barbeque ideas.


From: The Afternoon Show

Delicious mashed potato with spring onions.


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