Beurre Blanc

From: Four Live

This is a fantastic sauce to have in your culinary repertoire, as it is a great last-minute sauce that works wonderfully well with lots of different things, particularly fish or chicken.

Beef and Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

From: The Afternoon Show

Need something for the weekend? Here it is.

Turkey, Ham and Vegetable Crumble

From: The Afternoon Show

The pefect meal for using up left-over Christmas foods.

Brandy Butter

From: The Afternoon Show

This very simple recipe and is the traditional accompaniment to Christmas Pudding.

Tortilla Wraps of Cajun Chicken with a Yoghurt and Lime Dressing

From: The Afternoon Show

A tasty chicken meal that's healthy for the body and mind.

Eggnog Sauce

From: The Afternoon Show

A sauce that is quick and easy to make.

Caramelized Apple Chutney

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

Best served with hot or cold meats or with a cheeseboard

Italian Antipasto Platter

From: The Afternoon Show

A collection of meat, cheese and olives that sets up any Italian meal perfectly.

Classic Burger With Homemade Tomato Relish And Melted Cheese

From: The Afternoon Show

Make this Classic burger with homemade tomato relish and melted cheese.

Baileys Crème Brulee Tart

From: Four Live

The perfect dinner party dessert.


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