Seared Fillet of Beef with Crispy Onions and Salad Dressing

From: The Afternoon Show

This would make a wonderful Sunday lunch as it is full of complementing flavours and textures.

Chive Mash

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

A simple way of jazzing up the classic potato

Kevin’s Delicious Stuffed Pork

From: Four Live

This recipe contains everything that is good with pork. Add grated apple to the stuffing if you wish.

House Style Pizza

From: Summer Suppers

Kevin says: "You will never again return to the freezer after this! Vary your fillings as much as you like."

Summer Herb Salmon

From: The Afternoon Show

Salmon is very high in protein and omega 3 acids as well as Vitamin D.

Steamed Orange Pudding

Put some zest back in your desserts!

Salmon Coulibiac

From: Today

A French adaptation of a savoury Russian recipe often made in loaf form. You can use smoked Cod or Haddock as an alternative to Salmon.

Barm Brack

From: The Afternoon Show

This Halloween favourite is a perfect accompaniment with a hot cup of tea!

Pint of Prawns

From: The Afternoon Show

Dublin Bay prawns with a dash of Guinness, it's an Irish party snack!

Chocolate Mousse

From: The Afternoon Show

Make the ultimate chocolate mousse.


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