Skeaghanore Duck Breasts with Black Cherries

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

A mouthwatering duck dish with a modern twist

Sauteed Garlic Potatoes

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

A great, and simple, alternative to chips or fries

Cheese Straws

From: The Afternoon Show

Try these tasty snacks for your next dinner party.

Wexford Rack of Lamb with Asian Spices

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

A beautiful lamb dish from Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Kitchen

Steamed Chocolate Pudding, Chocolate and Baileys Sauce

From: The Afternoon Show

If you don't want people inviting themselves over to dinner too often, this isn't the recipe to try...

Mum's Roast Potatoes

From: Kevin Dundon's Christmas Made Easy

This is my Mum’s recipe and they’ve never failed me. There’s no doubt that the fat from the roast meat makes the best roast potatoes. Alternatively if you ever roast a goose or duck save every drop of the fat and freeze it down in ice cube trays, then bag it to use at your leisure – even a couple added to your oil will help the flavour.

Dunbrody White Bread

From: The Afternoon Show

Make your own bread from scratch.

Baileys Custard Crème Brûlée

From: Summer Suppers

A real indulgent dessert, great for a dinner party.

Rack of Prawns, Wild Garlic Risotto with Wild Garlic Salsa

From: Four Live

A great risotto recips flavoured with wild garlic and served with seared prawns.

Pan Fried Cod with lemon & thyme scented potatoes

From: The Afternoon Show

Cod with a tasty little something on the side.


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