Sticky Glaze Chicken Thighs with Asian Stuffing

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

Kevin Dundon shares a step by step guide to recreate this Asian-inspired dish

Sausagemeat Stuffing

From: Kevin Dundon's Christmas Made Easy

This traditional recipe is a wonderful stuffing for turkey or goose.

Honey & Mustard Chicken Skewers

From: The Afternoon Show

These attractive chicken skewers are very tasty.

Braised Chicken Legs with Bubble And Squeak

From: The Afternoon Show

A top meal which can be made for under €10.

Chocolate Mousse

From: The Afternoon Show

Make the ultimate chocolate mousse.

Pickled Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage

From: Kevin Dundon's Modern Irish Food

Kevin Dundon gives cabbage a modern twist

Roasted Garlic Cottage Pie

From: Today

Kevin Dundon serves up this warming dish on the Today show.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

From: The Afternoon Show

What could be better than freshly baked cookies?

Roasted vegetable salad

From: The Afternoon Show

This roasted vegetable salad is fab on its own, or served as part of a barbecue.

Homemade Cottage Pie with Cheesy Mash

From: The Afternoon Show

A meal to rush home for.


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