Ocean Burgers

From: Four Live

Broadcaster Derek Davis shares the recipe for one his favourite fish dishes

Apple Compote

From: Four Live

A tasty treat to spoil yourself!

Fresh Plum Cake with Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream

From: Four Live

The perfect seasonal cake from chef Richie Wilson.

Stir fried Rice Vermicelli

From: Four Live

A hearty noodle dish with chicken and prawns.

Wholemeal Bran Cookies

From: Four Live

These cookies are so much better for you than shop-bought biscuits, as all the ingredients are natural. A healthy treat that will fill you up. There cookies are lovely plain but you may also want to try them with an addition of 2 tablespoons of dried fruit, currants or sultanas – add these at the kneading stage.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Fudge Lollipops

From: Four Live

Treat yourself, and someone else, this Valentine's Day!

Homemade Nutty Breakfast Bars

From: Four Live

A perfect solution for 'breakfast on the go'.

Pasta Salad with Sage, Sweet Potato and Haloumi

From: Four Live

Quick and easy scrumptious pasta salad.

Chocolate Sponge

From: Four Live

To test if the pudding's cooked, pierce the foil and paper with a skewer and wiggle it to make the hole bigger, or it will be wiped clean of any mixture when you pull it out.


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