White Chocolate and Baileys Milkshake

From: Four Live

A gorgeous twist to your average milkshake

Pasta Salad with Sage, Sweet Potato and Haloumi

From: Four Live

Quick and easy scrumptious pasta salad.

Fillet of Pork, Crushed Carrot & Swede, Chili Wedges

From: Four Live

It's all about using quality locally sourced Irish produce this week, today is Oliver Dunne's turn. Bon Appetit.

Floating Islands, Eggnog Custard, Crisp Caramel

From: Four Live

Some ideas for your Christmas dessert!

Bere Island scallops with mussel & clam orzo, Sweet corn & chervil sabayon

From: Four Live

Mussels and clams are very much in season at the moment and Derry Clarke is using one of his delicious recipes to show you the best way to enjoy them.

Homemade Nutty Breakfast Bars

From: Four Live

A perfect solution for 'breakfast on the go'.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

From: Four Live

A tasty yet healthy dish from Rozanne Stephens.

Hollandaise Sauce & Derivatives

From: Four Live

Creamy hollandaise sauce. Remeber practice makes perfect.

Pan roasted loin of venison, roasted root vegetables with port reduction

From: Four Live

This sauce is a perfect accompaniment for venison.


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