Swedish Mulled Wine

From: Kitchen Hero: Great Food for Less

Even kitchen misfits can make this!

Hot Buttered Rum

From: Four Live

If you wanted to serve a hot drink to warm yourself up, you could make the classic Hot Buttered Rum.

Non-alcoholic ginger syrup cocktail

From: Four Live

An easy to make, but utterly delicious non-alcoholic drink!

Elderberry Gin Martini

From: Four Live

This cocktail is made with the elderberry infused gin, elderberry cordial that has a touch of clove added to it and a little lemon juice.

Frozen coffee milkshake

From: Neven Maguire: Home Chef

A quick and delicious recipe that may have never crossed your mind to make at home!

Carrot and Orange Juice

From: Four Live

A healthy juice with bags of flavour.

Fresh Plum Cake with Prune and Armagnac Ice Cream

From: Four Live

The perfect seasonal cake from chef Richie Wilson.

Santa Shake

From: The Afternoon Show

A wonderful festive drink.

Frankenstein’s Brain Slime Punch

From: The Afternoon Show

A combination of lemon jelly and fruit juices make this a delicious Halloween treat!


Garth McColgan's Sundowner is perfect when you're having fun in the sun!


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