Basic Pound Cake

From: Today

You can mix whatever you like into the batter!

Lavender sponge cake with rhubarb curd

From: Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

A lovely lavender flavoured cake with a hint of rhubarb. Yum!

Vanilla custard slice

From: Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

A delightful afternoon treat!

Mango and lime drizzle cake

From: Rachel Allen: All Things Sweet

A zesty delight from Rachel Allen

Blackberry and Apple Crumble, Hazelnut and Vanilla Topping

From: Today

Serve with a good vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream. Even better, serve it with custard and vanilla ice cream.

Gur Cake

From: Kitchen Hero: Rediscovering The Irish Kitchen

This can be made with stale cake rather than bread if preferred, in which case omit the dried fruit.


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