Easy Home-made Pizza

When you do not want to bother with yeast, this scone-based pizza dough is quick and easy to make and rolled out thinly will fill two baking trays to make two large pizzas. My favourite topping combination is goat’s cheese, basil pesto and red onion.

Mixed Bean Salad

From: Four Live

Put in some sundried tomato pesto to really funk it up.

Barbequed Prawns in a Shell

From: Martin's Mad About Fish

A tasty dish perfect for summer barbeques.

Seafood Skewers with Lemon, Almond and Rocket Couscous

From: Catherine's Italian Kitchen

This will make a delicious quick starter or light meal.

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

From: The Afternoon Show

A delicious vegetarian alternative for your summer barbeque.

Bbq'd Banana Flambé in Kaluha Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

From: The Afternoon Show

Simple and easy as a sweet treat to round off a Summer BBQ

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

From: The Afternoon Show

A great dish for mushroom lovers.

Fruit Skewers

An excellent, healthy treat for children and adults alike...

Chocolate Scented Bananas

From: The Afternoon Show

This simple dessert for the barbecue is ideal.

Pasta with Salmon & Vegetables

From: Operation Transformation

A light and diet-friendly pasta dish with fresh salmon.


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