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No, we haven’t led you onto an RTÉ Sports article, but sportsman Jamie Heaslip can add another title to his cv, restauranter.

Heaslip has joined forces with the unstoppable Joe Macken (of Jo Burger, Crackbird and Skinflint fame) to set up a brand new restaurant. ‘Bear’ will be located on the ever-so-trendy South William Street, serving as a traditional grill restaurant (with a twist) and will focus on the lesser-known and lesser-loved cuts of meat, such as skirt steak, rump, bavette and feather steak, together with a range of sides.

Jo’Burger Ltd has expanded rapidly over the last couple of years. From a solitary burger restaurant to a group of four distinctly different and popular eateries employing over 120 people. Having leveraged the pop up approach to create and trial the various restaurant concepts, all four eateries are now permanent.

Rugby International Jamie Heaslip

Now for the good bit. You know how Joe Macken & Co. are so fond of social media? How about getting your hands on a prize of a dinner, hosted by Mr. Rugby International himself, Jamie Heaslip? Every month, alongside the fabulous offers of #tweetseats, Bear will host a Twitter competition for the ultimate prize. Aspiring WAGs, at the ready!

Keep a close eye on Bear’s Twitter for precise opening hours and join in the fun down at 35 South William Street.

Also visit:

  • Crackbird , 60 Dame Street, Dublin 2 (@crackbirddublin)
  • Jo’Burger , 137 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (@joburgerdublin)
  • Skinflint , 19 Crane Lane, Dublin 2 (@skinflintdublin)

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