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Can you be a souperhero?

Gorta have announced plans to continue their soup week, which achieved great success last yer, and urge people to hold soup events to raise money for the charity.

From March 5th to 11th, Gorta will hold ‘national soup week’ and their campaign, entitled ‘soup for life’ which is ‘an opportunity to reflect on the difficulties families in the developing world face in providing for themselves and their children’.

‘Today, undernourishment affects almost 1 billion people. Such food insecurity is a result of many factors including increased food prices, crop failures, conflict and climate change.

By holding your very own Soup for Life event, you are supporting the work that Gorta does to ensure communities in sub-Saharan Africa have the opportunity to tackle each of these factors head on’.

Cafés and restaurants around Dublin and Cork have agreed to donate €1 from every bowl of soup purchased to Gorta for the week.

Whatever it is, Gorta needs your soup port For more information log onto

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