Everyone's favourite It girl and fashionista, Alexa Chung, is secretly working on her very own label and is sketching designs as we speak.

Though details are limited, Chung spoke to Numéro Tokyo for their latest issue and when questioned about her own fashion line, she replied "Yes, I'm definitely going to do that. I'm looking into it right now!"

The line has been confirmed by Vogue UK following communication with Chung's representation, but further details have not been released yet.

"I've got nothing to lose, it's a bit of fun," Chung said. "In this current era of celebrity no one believes you actually design the stuff anyway, even though I sketch everything myself. So if it sucks I can say I had nothing to do with it, and if it's really good I can say 'Here are the drawings, it's all my own work!'"

The 28 year-old journalist, model and television personality left the UK in 2009 to focus on her career in the USA and has been sticking to her music and television presenting roots while Stateside. The English beauty is currently the face of Mango in their latest campaign and has just filmed a cameo in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl.