Designer Jenny Packham believes that female designers are more conscious of making women look good in their clothes than some male designers who focus more on the drama of an outfit.

Speaking to InStyle she said, "Though the guys add a lot of excitement to fashion, creatively they often see it in a more sculptural way. When I'm designing I'm thinking about what it would be like to wear that piece.

"There are wonderful male designers but it can sometimes become more about the dress than the person wearing it."

Packham credits her popularity with celebrities such as Adele, Beyonce and Taylor Swift because she creates such flattering pieces, "Our silhouettes are quite classic and the fit is very flattering. I just try to create something beautiful that compliments the wearer."

She added, "I have learned a lot from just watching celebrities I've dressed on the red carpet. When I got to any sort of big event I'll rush in as quickly as possible. But these women look so confident. They're knowledgeable about how they look from every angle."