Chloe Sevigny has revealed she thinks too many actresses rely on stylists for red carpet events and play things too safely.

The actress told Grazia, “I do feel there's a lack of imagination when it comes to actresses and red-carpet dressing. There's all that fear. You can feel they've been styled. I think they could be wilder if they got to dress themselves.''

She also noted the downside to taking risks on the red carpet admitting that criticism hurts, “If I'm going to an event and there's a red carpet thing, then whoever is helping me - which is usually my publicist because I don't work with a stylist - we always say 'Is this a 'what-was-she-thinking dress?'

''The tabloids in America have always put me in that category. But, you know, it hurts a little. And the worst part is that even when you're standing on the red carpet, you can hear all those criticisms. It makes the whole process of having to do these things not fun.

She added, ''I wish I could let go and not worry about it, but I always feel like my head spins and I spiral into a bad place. But I'm trying to get over that.''