Kelly Osbourne has announced that she will design her own plus size clothing line.

According to Us Weekly, the 28-year-old confirmed the news to attendees at BeautyCon in L.A where she said: "I had one of the most exciting meetings of my life this week -- it pretty much green-lit my clothing line."

She added: "When I sat down in this meeting and they said, 'Yes, you have creative control and of course you can do plus size,' I was like, 'It's happening!"

Last year, the Fashion Police co-host told Fashionista that she wanted to create a clothing line that would appeal to women of all shapes and sizes.

"No one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion. That’s the truth! It’s sad," she said, "that’s why when my line comes out I’ll never make anything that won’t be translated to plus-size as well because everyone deserves to wear fashion."

Osbourne, who refers to herself as an ‘FFP’ or ‘Former Fat Person’ said that it’s also important to her that her line reflects her own sense of style.

She explained: "It still has to be very me – quirky."

She added: "I've always been really into fashion. It's just that my fashion choices at an early age were really odd and they still are."