Miuccia Prada has said that ''seduction is very important'' in her collections.

The 63-year-old fashion designer explained that she wants her clothes to have a feminist element, but also tries to give them a sensual side.

Speaking to WWD, Miuccia said: ''I'm always trying to do something that is ... never to please men in the most banal way. But of course, to please men or whatever your preference in sex is - seduction is very important for all people.'

When asked about her new Fall collection, she further  pitched in: ''Of course, after [Spring's] very severe and poetic but controlled femininity, I felt it was time for something more loose, much more human.

''Not at all abstract, but just the opposite - very, very personal and sensual, in a way that could look destroyed.

''You can be dirty and destroyed, but always keeping some presence and power.''

Prada also gave her views on how she believes the power of women is changing, adding: ''We are losing the old power and not really knowing what is the new power. I think that you shouldn't throw away anything, so I always want to keep our power as women or our deep identity that comes from all our history of women.''

''It's the side that pleases men. It's not a direct power but a power through men, which I hate but we have so much in ourselves. It's all the feminist discourse.''