Olivia Palermo made a seamless transition from a reality TV star on The Hills to a fully fledged darling of the fashion world.

The petite beauty is never caught with a hair out of place, and apart from impeccable grooming, is a genius at accessorising her ensembles perfectly.

She shared her style secrets with Look magazine, explaining to the publication where she gets her inspiration from: "I travel so much and get inspiration from all the different cultures.

"So, whether I'm in Paris, Tokyo or London, I incorporate the overall sense of style from each city. I also get tons of inspiration from old classic movies and black and white films. If you open up Vogue Italia, there are endless pages of inspiration!"

Palermo stressed the importance of a leather jacket in women's wardrobes, saying: "Everyone should own a leather jacket - a very cool one. I think that in the UK, girls kind of polish it off with a great leather jacket.

She also bigged up the high street for getting trends on a budget, saying: "There's so much affordable fashion out there these days, like Topshop, Mango and Zara. I love that these brands are doing collaborations with designers because it makes it even more accessible for young girls who want to be stylish. Topshop have such cutting-edge pieces."

On her beauty routine, Palermo said: "I keep a fresh face, nude lips with matte skin and smoky eyes. I also always have a travel size can of L'Oreal Elnett hairspray, and a comb!"