Victoria Beckham is set to launch her first online store in spring 2013.

The shop will sell the fashion designer's clothing line, accessories, eyewear and denim.

Beckham said of the news: "My new website has been in the making for a very long time. It was so important that the concept, tone and look of it were true to me and my aesthetic and that the shopping experience was the very best that it could be for my customer.

"The site will be ever evolving, featuring never-seen-before insights into my world through the medium of film. I'm incredibly excited with what I have created and the unique access to the brand I am now able to offer."

Victoria Beckham CEO Zach Duane said: "For us, this is the first step toward creating our own store environment. There are obviously already some fantastic digital stores in place, so the bar to entry is very high. But we feel that we've learned a lot from the market and that we are bringing our take on what we believe is ultimately all about customer experience."

A holding page has gone live on today, asking shoppers to sign up for brand updates.