Nicole Kidman always looks flawless when we see her on the red carpet but admits that glamour takes a backseat when it comes to everyday life.

The Australian Oscar-winning actress' latest role is that of the legendary style icon Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, but Kidman says she refuses to compare herself to the '50s beauty who she portrays in Grace of Monaco.

"Oh, no I'm not! (a fashion icon)'' Kidman told to Dujour magazine.
"I love fashion, but I don't think I'm fashionable - I mean, not in my private life. At home I dress for comfort. After all, I am the mother of two small children".

Kidman went on to explain how her love of fashion evolved, saying she got to know top fashion designers including Alexander McQueen and John Galliano when she was in her twenties.
''(I went to their showrooms to support their work) that's when I fell in love with couture,'' Kidman said.

The 45-year-old actress says playing the legendary Hollywood star is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of part. "I have always been a very big dreamer,'' Kidman said.

The film tells the story of the Philadelphia-born star, who made it big in Hollywood before she married Prince Rainier of Monaco at a fairytale ceremony in 1956.

Helmed by La Vie en Rose director Olivier Dahn, and with a reported $30million budget, the film also stars Tim Roth, Parker Posey, and Milo Ventimiglia.

Grace of Monaco is scheduled for release some time in 2014.