Stewart talks high fashion

Kristen Stewart has spoken about her changing relationship with fashion, crediting Balenciaga's creative director Nicolas Ghesquière with winning her over.

She said that the designer was "rare and special" during a live online interview to promote the fashion house's new fragrance Florabotanica, which she is the face of.

Stewart explained: "I had to have a relationship with fashion from such a young age - you walk down the red carpet, and it matters. It's strange.

"At first I just wanted to get it right, I wanted it to be smooth sailing and just to be able to do my job. Then I did a photo shoot with Nicolas and it was the first time that taking photos in high fashion felt like telling a story, that it was part of a concept - it wasn't just about something on the surface, it really evoked a feeling."

The Twilight actress also spoke about her personal style during the interview, saying: "I'm from LA and unless the occasion calls for it, I'm a really simplistic, comfortable, straightforward dresser - I don't really think about it.

"I go anywhere outside of LA and I'm like, 'Oh God. I forgot to put socks on. I probably look silly, it's winter time.'"