Robbie Williams launched his menswear range Farrell at Brown Thomas Dublin today.

The Candy singer who stated that his wife "almost gave birth this morning" in London named the collection after his grandfather Jack Farrell aka Jack the Giant Killer who was well known for being a notable dresser.

Speaking to Lorraine Keane, Williams, who is set to play a sold-out gig in the O2 Arena tonight explained that the brand's motto is "wear it in and wear it out."

Key items from the collection include Savile Row-inspired Chesterfield coats, quilted jackets and grandfather-collar shirts.

When asked if he was always into fashion he said: 'I've always been into clothes. I've always liked clothes. I don't know if I have always been into fashion. I know what I like wearing. I know what I feel comfortable in and what makes me feel empowered.

"I'm not a designer, I'm not going to lie to you and say I am. But what I do, do is DJ clothes. If a DJ goes 'I like this record' and people go 'yeh I like that record too,' I'm kind of doing the same thing. You can't reinvent the wheel with men's clothing. It's pretty much been done. What I can do is put together a collection of my favourite stuff."

The former Take That singer admitted that there were strong Irish influences running through his collection saying: "Instantly the clothing line went from being a brand to something that was authentic to me and authentic to my DNA, and my family.

"Grandad Jack the Giant Killer was from Kilkenny. He came from an era when even the working-class had tailors. Everywhere he went he had a three-piece suit and so did everybody else. The aesthetics of my granddad run all the way through the line. It is an honest, sturdy, sensible and hard-working collection."

Speaking about his unborn baby girl, Robbie added: "We thought the baby was going to have to be induced today. We went to the doctors again yesterday and we got the scan and they got the measurements wrong.

He joked: "Something happened were they just said 'no your fine, just cross your legs and let Robbie get the Dublin gig out of the way.'