Nightline has just launched Parcel Motel, a convenient, round-the-clock delivery service for online shoppers.

The service allows consumers to have their goods delivered to a location that is convenient for them to collect at any time through a network of self-service parcel terminals.

There are 20 Parcel Motel units, each containing 80 lockers, already in place in Dublin. To use the service, customers have to set up an account online at where they select the unit location most convenient to them.

When purchasing goods online, they enter the Nightline Parcel Motel address rather than their home address. Once the package has been delivered to their chosen Parcel Morel, the consumer will receive a text containing a unique code, advising them their package is ready for collection.

Nightline CEO John Tuohy said of the service: "The essence of what we are doing with the launch of Parcel Motel is making online shopping easier and cheaper for consumers.

"Consumers who use the service when making a purchase online from retailers here or in the UK, can now pick up their goods at a unit convenient to them and at a time that suits their schedules."