In the wake of the announcement that Sharon Corr is judging this year's Blossom Hill Ladies' Day, we caught up with the talented musician to talk about races style and to find out her favourite designers, most treasured fashion find and the one beauty pro


Sarah McIntyre: Are you a big fan of getting dressed up for occasions like the races?

SC: Yeah, I love it, I think it’s a really great way to celebrate a day, to get dressed up and make a special effort, I think people feel great when they’re dressed up. It’s just all part of the fun of it. It’s a great event, Ladies Day, and it’s running a long time so I think ladies love making an effort, making themselves look great. It just feeds into the whole female psyche really!

What will you be keeping your eye out for on Ladies Day, what would grab your attention?

Well I’d be looking for somebody very much with their own sense of style, so a sense of individuality. I’d be looking for elegance, because that is very much what goes with that type of day. And some fun in their attitude to their clothes. Definitely that they’re wearing the clothes and that the clothes are not wearing them. So yeah a bit of individuality, elegance and fun really.

Do you like to see women take risks with their style choices?

Absolutely, as long as it is flattering to them. I think risks are much more interesting to look at in a way. As long as the risk that they’re taking is flattering.

How would you describe your own style?

Well I suppose I would have a tendency to go for things that are elegant but they would need to be stagey as well, so I would kind of call it elegant-funky if you know what I mean.

And what type of places do you like to shop, are you a high street girl or more into designer pieces?

Oh I’m very much both. I pick up a lot of pieces in River Island, just stagey stuff and it doesn’t last very long but it’s just perfect for the occasion. One of my favourite designers is an Irish designer called Joanne Hynes, I’ve worn a lot of her stuff on-stage because she just has that elegance but with a rock-chick vibe going along with it, so I really like that.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My favourite item would probably be an Alexander McQueen dress that I wore at the Isle of Wight Festival two years ago, before he died actually. It’s a green dress with a sort of strappy back on it. There’s not an awful lot too it and yet you’re fully covered and it’s extremely easy to wear. It’s beautifully made. And I loved the fact that it was green because I’m Irish.

It’s something you’ll have forever as well.


If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe whose would it be?

Oh there’s a question! I’m sure Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe would be absolutely to-die-for, I’m not sure any of the stuff would ever suit me in a million years, but she’s got lovely legs and that sort of thing. She has the figure of a clothes horse, she could wear anything. I like her choices, I think she takes risks all the time with what she’s wearing.

When it comes to beauty, are you high maintenance, low maintenance?

I’m kind of medium maintenance now as I get older. I was extremely low maintenance but now I realise I have to make a bit more of an effort!

So what are the indispensible products you always have on the go?

The one beauty product that I was almost having heart failure when I couldn’t find it today, because I had to do a photo earlier, is Dylan Bradshaw’s Sheer Veil.

He has his own make-up range?

He has his own make-up range and it’s very high quality. I love it, I use all his stuff, I use the bases, the shadows, the lipsticks, it’s a really high quality range. But my particular love of his is the product called Sheer Veil and it goes under your foundation and it just gives you face this dewy glow, so it makes you look younger.

I mean the Sheer Veil is the one product that I would just die if it wasn’t in my makeup bag if I had to do anything special!

You’ve been in the limelight now for few years, have there been any big fashion disasters that have been caught on camera?

Yeah, big time. There’s one, and every so often if I go on the fan websites they’re always constantly laughing at me in this leopard print catsuit. I have to say, somebody totally talked me into that one because I was not convinced. Yeah, pretty horrific fashion faux pax.

Do you like to work with a stylist when you’re going to events or do you prefer to do it yourself?

I do it all myself actually. I’ve a very particular sense of what I like and I’m discovering it all the time. What I do is I find somebody that I like and I work with them all the time, like Joanne Hynes, a lot of things that I would do I would wear her to. But not all the time, and I usually like to find stuff myself, I don’t have a stylist working for me or anything like that.

Growing up with two sisters in the house, were you always stealing each other’s clothes or did you like do dress differently?

We didn’t which was unfortunate because we were always robbing each other’s clothes and because I was the eldest, I growing up had more clothes than them because I was starting to make my own money and would buy them, so I had to acutally lock them out of the room at one stage!

So Sharon, what’s on the cards for you in the near future?

First of all I am re-releasing my solo album, I have a new single out called ‘Over It’, I have got the Blossom Hill Ladies Day event on August 4, I have a UK tour in August and I have got a European tour in October/November which will include an Irish date.