With just two girls, Juste and Jade, left to battle it out to be crowned Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model, Sarah McIntyre caught up with former contestant Imogen Leaver to speak about her experiences on the show.


SmcI: Has it always been your ambition to become a model?

Imogen Leaver: Yeah I think it’s always been what I’ve wanted to be doing, so it’s great to be able to get that break into it, because it’s a very competitive industry.

What has been the highlight of the show for you?

Going to Miami, it was amazing out there. It was the most amazing experience, we did the most amazing shoots.

How do you get along with the judges?

I think I’ve got quite a good relationship with the judges. I know Julien didn’t really like me at the beginning of the show, but I think he’s sort of warmed to me. And Charlie’s always had my back, which is nice!

And what’s Elle like in real life?

Yeah, she’s just amazing. At 48 she’s just flawless, she’s really, really beautiful.

How have you found living with the other girls in the house?

Living with the other girls is actually alright, it’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Especially since we share the same bedroom and bathroom! But I think having gone to an all-girl school probably helped that.

Do you think you have any weaknesses as a model?

A couple of times I haven’t had the best shot, so maybe I need to focus a bit more when it comes to the shoots, especially if we had more of a time limit in the show. It definitely is a question of focusing and realising what you’ve got to get out of the shoot.

What has been the toughest challenge for you so far?

I think the toughest challenge was probably the one with Charlie, because as much as I enjoyed it, it felt like a lot of pressure working with one of the judges from the show. But I think I rose to the challenge and got quite a good photo out of it.

Do you prefer the catwalk or do you prefer the shoots?

I prefer shoots to the catwalk. I enjoy doing catwalk and stuff but I think I prefer photo shoots because that’s where I feel most comfortable.

Where would you like your career to go?

I’d like to get in magazines in a few years time and see my face in the campaigns for the big designer brands, that’d be ideal!

Do you have any tips for young models trying to break into the industry?

Never give up and just keep trying until you get that ‘Yes’. I think if you want to do something enough you’ll always be able to achieve it.